by Peter Doggers from, 09/12/14 will host the chess section of the 2014 World Mind Games Online Tournament from September 15 to November 15.

Along with bridge and go, this online chess event is held ahead of the fourth edition of the SportAccord World Mind Games in Beijing on December 11-17, 2014. Prizes for the online event include Samsung TVs, tablets, Rado watches, cash prizes and more.

“We're both proud and excited to be hosting the chess section of this magnificent event,” said IM Danny Rensch,'s Vice President of Content & Professional Relations. “We're looking forward to working with SportAccord, the umbrella organization for international sports federations. This is a great opportunity to promote and enjoy the game of chess.”

Starting September 15, a new chess tournament will start on every six hours. The time control is 10 minutes per player for the whole game. Round 1 will finish on October 12. These tournaments can be found under the "Events" tab in Live Chess and will be open only to members of the World Mind Games Group.

Round two will start on October 15, after all 224 qualifiers from round one have joined the new group. This second round will run from October 15 - 22. Round three, which will have 24 qualifiers, starts on the October 24. The final match, between two qualifiers, starts on November 6 and will determine the overall winner.

Full tournament details including all prizes can be found here.

All games of the final match will be broadcast on The winner is the overall 2014 Mind Games Chess Champion!

Registration is open for players from all levels, advanced to beginner. You can register and find all details here.

The 2014 World Mind Games Online Tournament is launched by SportAccord in partnership with RSportz, the community-based global sports network, and online platforms Bridge Base Online, and Pandanet, who will host the respective tournaments.

All participants get a chance to win prizes including Samsung TVs, tablets, Rado watches, and more. U.S. $12,000 will be shared among the winners.

The 2014 World Mind Games Online Tournament runs September 15-November 15. It is held ahead of the fourth SportAccord World Mind Games in Beijing on December 11-17, 2014, featuring bridge, chess, draughts, go and xiangqi.

The chess section is co-organized by SportAccord (the umbrella organisation for all international sports federations), FIDE (the World Chess Federation) and the Chinese Chess Association. Thirty-two players (16 men and 16 women) will compete for the medals in rapid chess, blitz and the Basque System.

Register here for the 2014 World Mind Games Online Chess Tournament!

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