Week 3 of Sport Accord World Mind Games - In Division A, even 2 time winner Leo_LaSota is finding it hard to keep his usual lead. Kencohen, a top American player has surged past everyone to take a commanding lead of almost 40% above runner up Old_Schate (Bulgaria). Some other experts from around the world have also entered the fray; Usla (Romania), Veryeavy (New Zealand) and craw1821 have all marked their positions near the top of the Division A leaderboard.

Division C is throwing up surprises this week, with exceptional scores from unknown players Zorzar (Turkey), Tseliot (Croatia) and Emalka (Finland). We talked to Emalka to try and find out his secret for BBOers. Apparently there is no magic pill. just swing hard and try your best to get a great score. If that doesn't happen, move on and try again.

Division C - A player to watch is Baisa (Thailand). Although only ranked #52 right now, his best tournament result of 95.181% dwarves the field convincingly.