Introduction to Bridge


Bridge is a trick-taking game played by millions of people worldwide in clubs, tournaments, online and with friends at home, making it one of the world's most popular card games.

Bridge uses a standard deck of 52 cards and is played by four players in two competing partnerships, with partners sitting opposite each other around a table. The opposing sides first compete in a bidding auction for the right to establish the contract for that deal, the side winning the auction being known as the declaring side. The contract establishes which suit, if any, is trumps for an undertaking to win (at least) the number of tricks specified by the highest bid. After the contract has been established, the play of the cards proceeds as in most trick-taking card games until all thirteen tricks have been played. Based on the actual number of tricks taken, the declaring side either succeeds or fails in fulfilling the contract; if contract made, the declaring side scores points; if contract failed, the defending side scores points.

Most club and tournament play involves some variant of duplicate bridge, where each partnership plays the same set of hands as their counterparts at other tables and the scoring is based upon relative performance, thus emphasizing skill over chance.

Bridge Online Tournament

Conditions of Contest:

All BBO members in good standing are eligible to play in this competition. However, lucky draw prize winners cannot be past grand prize winners.

Participating players will be monitored closely by BBO for cheating and/or violations of the Rules of the Site. Players suspected of unauthorized information will be disqualified.


Players are split into 3 Divisions as follows:

Division A: Any player with the rank of BBO master and above (award symbol in profile 10 or higher), plus any BBO Star

Division B: Any player with at least 1 BBO masterpoint through BBO master (award symbol 2 through 9+)

Division C: Any player with no masterpoints or less than 1 BBO masterpoint.

There will be two phases in the contest. Players can play as many times as they wish in Round 1, but can qualify for the next round only once.

Round 1 - Sept 15 - Oct 30, 2014 -> 300 Winners (100 in Division A, 100 in Division B, 100 in Division C)
Round 2 - Nov 2 - Nov 15, 2014 -> 9 Winners (3 in Division A, 3 in Division B, 3 in Division C)


Division A (rank 10 and above + stars):

1st place: $1500
2nd place: $1000
3rd place: $500

Division B (rank 2 to 9+):

1st place: $500
2nd place: Rado Watch
3rd place: Samsung Tablet

Division C (no masterpoints or less than 1 masterpoint):

1st place: $500
2nd place: Rado Watch
3rd place: Samsung Tablet

Round 1 (Sept 15 - Oct 30, 2014):

Divisions A and B:

Play and win as many BBO masterpoints as you can. Top 100 masterpoint winners in each division will qualify for the next round.

Division C:

Play any qualified free MP tournament on BBO and do your best. A qualified tournament is one with a minimum of 10 tables, 6 boards, and scored Matchpointed (MP) style. Participants need to complete a minimum of 5 tournaments to qualify for the competition. Your best 5 tournaments for the period will be averaged. Top 100 best results will qualify for the next round. Tiebreakers based on best scores. Please refer to BBO's news page for details here:

Note: During the competition period, a participant may qualify for phase 2 under more than one division. When this happens, the participant is deemed to qualify for the highest level division he qualifies for.

Round 2 (Nov 2 - Nov 15, 2014):

Play Instant Tournaments. Your best 8 results will be taken into account to establish the winners for each Division. Each of the players who qualify through Round 2 will receive BB$2 from BBO. There is no limit for the number of Instant Tournaments allowed, play as many as you wish. Only your top 8 results will count.

At the end of the period, Top 3 in each Division will win the final prizes.


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